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17 Aug 2021
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15:08:22 20 Aug, 2021

Check out WIXLAR at CoinMarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/ https://i.imgur.com/zT2lu4m.png Wixlar is a Global Decentralized Digital Currency based on the BlockChain Technology which is instant, secure, private and with low fee transactions. With Wixlar coins, you can buy and sell products or services online and offline. Wixlar Group offers some of the latest advanced technological services through a Global Decentralized Network. https://i.imgur.com/XC14Si9.jpg Wixlar Website English: https://Wixlar.com Hindi: https://wixlar.com/hi/ Vietnamese: https://wixlar.com/vi/ Arabic: https://wixlar.com/ar/ French: https://wixlar.com/fr/ German: https://wixlar.com/de/ Spanish: https://wixlar.com/es/ Russian: https://wixlar.com/ru/ Chinese: https://wixlar.com/zh/ Greek: https://wixlar.com/el/ Korean: https://wixlar.com/ko/ Portuguese: https://wixlar.com/pt/

15:08:38 20 Aug, 2021

We are very proud to announce that Wixlar Coin was listed on MintMe Exchange! This is actually an achievement that even us did not expect to happen so rapidly. Very few coins make it to be listed on MintMe Exchange that focuses on the quality and vision of the cryptocurrencies listed on their exchange. https://wixlar.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/WIXI-PowerBank-20000mAH-Blockchain-Product-CoinmarketCap-ERC20-Ethereum-Tokens-min.jpg Wixlar Coin belongs to YOU, this is only the beginning and we all need to work collectively in marketing to the outside audience as much as we can, through sharing our news on Social Media, inviting our circle of influence to look into our website and understand the future that wixlar is aiming to build for the people. https://i.imgur.com/GMOnWAx.jpg Let’s go out there and show to the world what we all can achieve together!

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