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Mar 27, 2021

           Crypto has gone through a lot since the first time the white paper of Bitcoin appeared, even now you can hear that some argue that cryptocurrencies are ready to replace cash, while others believe that they do not meet the basic characteristics necessary for that. Others, with some right in it, argue that the price it’s just to volatile: most cryptocurrencies change price constantly and are a problem when making or receiving a payment, or simple because such fluctuations make it difficult to establish references around prices and have a stronger sense of security.

Before continuing we have to say, though, that while these disadvantages were real for a long period of time, they are no longer real. As is always the case in this magnificent crypto community full of talented, overwhelmingly anonymous programmers, every time a problem is detected, hundreds of solutions blossom (one of those solutions being tokenization).

We all should know that cryptocurrencies are generated and transacted through a technology with the ability to transform the skeleton of the financial system, they arise as a product of the possibilities offered by the decentralized network known as blockchain. The possibilitie continue to be just has amazing as ever.

Even though it’s true that Bitcoin continues to have many of latest mentioned disadvantages we cannot stop to concentrate all of the blockchain solutions in the world in just one coin that happened to be the first. In fact, if you consider BTC as gold (store of value) then you can agree that nobody pays with gold in a supermarket even though we all love to have it.

But then, why even though most of this “flaws” have been actively addressed by the crypto community, crypto projects suffer such low support?

People still don’t know a lot about crypto

           Even Kaspersky’s CEO said once "Cryptocurrencies are great, but the world is not ready yet.” Of course he has some really strong ideas about a world government and a one and only currency that we use globally, but he might be right that for most people nowadays crypto is still not a “thing” to worry about.

“...cryptocurrencies are generated and transacted through a technology with the ability to transform the skeleton of the financial system, they arise as a product of the possibilities offered by the decentralized network known as blockchain.”

This could indeed be just a product of ignorance, maybe crypto is yet to become more “user friendly” before reaching mass adoption or maybe people are just afraid to change, or perhaps the government hasn’t been open enough about it’s usage in many countries and with many regulations that could seem ridiculous for some people.

We then wonder, what can we do for people to accept the development of crypto and trust crypto based projects?

Well, I’d like to share a different idea: We have been focusing too much in trying to attract people. Although trying to make it easy for them with best usability is a good thing to do, meanwhile crypto projects have no place to grow and develop to become a better alternative for mass adoption. This becomes something like a vicious circle with no good end.

Crypto projects need a special place

           What we are set to do, or what blockchain initiatives and entrepreneurs should be set to do is provide crypto projects with opportunities or grow and special features and platforms made for them. For instance this is what MintMe is in its core, a place for people to find support with their communities, which is why we support the initiatives of crypto enthusiast and have also created a special hosting region that has been though for those who are invested in creating a crypto based project.

Because before people outside the crypto sphere can start understanding and accepting, we need to develop what we already have: ourselves. Until the rest of the world can join and until cryptocurrencies and blockchain become mind-stream the chance must come from within. And I don’t only mean big investments like with DeFi plans but the possibilities of getting support from other crypto people all over the world, whether big or small.

Have you checked the crypto-based projects listed in MintMe? Some people have really good ideas and it’s worth checking them and giving them a chance.

Mary Schwartz