Mintme News Coin halving and rebranding

Oct 9, 2019

We have good news for all Webchain (soon Coin) holders!
We are planning a series of changes regarding the new MintMe coins, starting with the already announced rebranding of Webchain to Coin. 

First of all, we would like to remind you that in accordance with our whitepaper, Coin rewards already go down regularly every era (2-2.5 weeks). Nevertheless, we have decided to do halving! That means mining rewards will drop by 50%, but since we don't want to discourage miners, we will do it gradually over about half a year. It will start around November 8th this year and finish in May 2020 so it coincides with Bitcoin’s halving. As a result, our total supply will go down from our original 1.6 billion to around 1 billion (1 086 000 000 to be exact). This is the equivalent of burning 514 000 000 coins! So if someone has 108 600 WEB which currently represents ~0.006% of the total supply, after planned change it will represent 0.01% of total supply! All of these mean that each Coin will be more scarce than ever!