Mintme News


Release notes 2.7

Nov 21, 2023

Introducing version 2.7 of MintMe, we are thrilled to bring you another update packed with exciting features and important fixes. Our latest release focuses on enhancing your experience and making MintMe an even better platform for trading and crowdfunding. We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our platform. Thank you for being a part of the MintMe community!


- Token Promotion Feature:
Our update introduces a token promotion feature, empowering users to boost the visibility of specific tokens, and fostering a more dynamic ecosystem.

- Autocomplete for Hashtags:
Enhancing user experience, we've added autocomplete for hashtags, streamlining content creation and discovery.

- Cryptoasset Conversion to MintMe:
Inactive accounts, with no trading activity for 3 consecutive months, will undergo an automatic daily conversion of their crypto-assets to MintMe at a rate of 0.5% (or 5 USD equivalent), fostering an active community.


  • Enabled the configuration of decimals for tokens
  • Modified API to not return information about nondeployed tokens
  • Implemented lazy loading for the wallet's wallet tab
  • Synchronized roles on Discord when changing or deleting roles
  • Allowed editing of the cover image from the token page
  • Removed USD/crypto select
  • Show the current tab after refreshing the wallet page
  • Added warning text about smart contract deposits on deposit modals
  • Implemented text changes for better clarity
  • Added notification informing the user that the token is undeployed
  • Improve container titles
  • Enhanced the style of the discord roles form
  • Replaced the old SMS API
  • Added session IDs to the database



  • Removed extra badge for comment tips
  • Restored missing feeds on the homepage
  • Fixed user sessions ending after closing the browser
  • Fixed an issue where the airdrop campaign failed to load
  • Repaired broken link to the token release period on the deploy tab in the token settings
  • Restricted access to editing the cover image on the token page
  • Fixed loading of active orders on the market page
  • Corrected the currency avatar on the deposit/withdrawal history
  • Fixed display alignment on mobile devices
  • Resolved a 500 error when using duplicated hashtags
  • Fixed airdrop referrer reward
  • Fixed open API requests for new blockchains
  • Corrected a mistake in the blockchain name on the API
  • Fixed text on token posts and user profiles
  • Fixed the token holders table on the introduction page
  • Resolved external link warning
  • Corrected trade history in the wallet
  • Fixed idle time not closing the current session properly
  • Fixed the issue with the progress circle for the score on the token page
  • Resolved 500 error when deleting a token